Ghost Dance

       Jim Porter's Arrangement Of The Ghost Dance 

Of the images used, Mr. Porter says,"Some of it is quite historically important. The Ghost Dance footage, for example, was done by Thomas Edison's studio and it is the first time Native people ever appeared on film. The early film portrays Sioux members of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show -- the precursor to the modern intertribal powwow circuit. It was filmed at Edison's Black Maria Studio in 1894."


"Each elder is indeed coordinated with the proper nation being called in the song. The photographs are part of the enormous Edward S. Curtis Historic Collection, taken mostly in the late 1800's."


                 Native Music Videos


  Heartbeat Drum Song - sung by Ulali  

   I hear my Fathers' drums beat                                     
  They beat across our sacred land (2X)
   And they'll beat as our hearts beat,
   They beat way down within my soul,
   And they'll beat as our hearts beat,
   And we'll live for ten-thousand years.
   And we'll live for ten thousand years.

Heyah heyah heyah heyah etah
Heyah heyah heyah yahwe yahwe yahwee yahaha
Heyah heyah heyah etah etah
heyah heyah heyah yahwe yahwe  yahawee yahaha
  Cherokee Morning Song - sung by Walela
The Cherokee Morning Song first appeared on Robbie Robertson's the Red Road Ensemble's album Music for Native Americans. It was sung by Walela (a Cherokee word meaning "hummingbird") also a group founded by Rita Coolidge. It is another song where the meaning of the words come from the Temple Mound people. We saw a group of traditional people go up on a Temple mound they built and raise their hands and sign this song until the Sun was all the way above the ground. Was very amazing to say the least.