Why The Egret Is Sacred

A long time ago, there was this human boy that was found by the birds. They did not know what to do with him, so they held a council. The birds were in agreement that he needed a home, but they argued on who would take him to raise. They decided to let him decide who he would be raised by and told him to go out and come back in 7 days to tell them.

The boy went out and walked among the birds to see which would raise him. He went and saw the spotted owl, who was painting his feathers and said, "See my pretty feathers? Surely you will choose me."

He walked and saw the Golden Eagle, who was combing his feathers with a comb. The Eagle said, "See my feathers? They are so pretty. Surely, you will choose me."

The boy walked on and saw 2 hawks arguing over whose feathers were the prettiest. He walked on. He became sad and went to the stream to get some water. There he saw the Egret, who was fishing. The boy asked, "Why are you not home fixing your feathers or trying to impress me?" The Egret told the boy that he was a father and had to feed his family. If he didn’t, they would go hungry.

After the 7 days, the Boy went to the council house. All the birds were there and asked the boy if he had chosen. And he said, “Yes”. They were all sitting on the edge of their seats and he said that he choose the Egret. They all asked why. "While you were all out making yourselves pretty, the Egret was taking care of his family. If I am going to be raised, I want a good father that feeds his family first and does not think about arguing and the vain things in life." They all were in agreement and the boy went to live with the Egret.

To this day, the Egret is the most sacred of the birds for his selfless act. His pure white feathers stand for peace and purity.